Electric circus is a co-operation between inventor Fred Abels & puppeteer Mirjam Langemeijer.

Their teamwork has led to a unique way of street theatre. With use of modern techniques like animatronics together with the use of skilful puppetry they create truly lifelike creatures: animals and also a human being! Electric circus has been invited to many places in the world. And always has succeeded in bringing an impressive experience to their audience...

This collaboration began many years ago. Fred asked Miriam if she could make a puppet for a rocket engine that he had built. But these figure have had to be heat resistant because the engine was red hot as it drove! So, actually, 2 figures became the passengers of the rocket engine 'Ms Glasswool' and 'Mr. Rockwool'. Their appearance inspired to the making of an animation, that you can see below: "The Mosquito".

mirjam langemeijer
fred abels