Fred Abels
Fred Abels
Fred Abels

Fred Abels (1961) is an artist and inventor specialized in kinetic art.
Fred’s history is like a journey trough different disciplines. His kinetic art has been exposed in galleries and exhibitions.
His music generating machines were used at dance parties. His art and inventions where shown in several theater plays and festivals al over the world Eventual Fred continues his journey where most artists start: as a street performer.


Material: Aluminum - carbon – Tyvek

Wingspan: 5.00 meters.

ornithopter means mechanical bird The ornithopter of Fables is a new version of the first flight attempt. The wings are driven by an electric motor. The air currents that are created propel the device. An ornithopter is a flying machine with wings that not only have the function to support the unit (keep it in the air) but also to propel. This is done through the up and down movement of the wings. In contrast with the wings of an airplane, they would have the function of propeller. Propulsion through a reciprocating or oscillating motion (birds - fish) is much more efficient than a circular motion (propeller ). A propeller pushes the air not only back, but 'scrambles' it also very much around, which takes a lot of energy. Nature is perfect and everything that man makes will never be more than one approach to perfection. Yet it is true that it must be the current state of the art, to pick up the thread where Da Vinci had to drop in his attempt to fly man as a bird ....

De Dyciclet

Wheel diameter 2.70 m ...

Material: Stainless. Aluminium

The wheel is one of the greatest inventions in history. Fables had the idea to use the wheel as the vehicle and leave the rest away; to 'drive the wheel'. In order to solve the balance-problems, he chose for two wheels close to each other. The driver sits below the axis, which connects the wheels, and its body is forming the counterweight. In accelerated the chair tends to turn over, with breaking this effect of turning can be used to make a summersault. The dicyclet was designed and built with Maik ter Veer.


Dance Machine

The ‘Dance machine’ is a mechanic machine that makes electronic music, so in fact it's a hybrid. These days an orchestra fits in a microchip, so at live performance the musicians physically are not doing much more than pushing tiny buttons. In the technique of the ‘Dance machine’ this microchip technology is blown up (enlarged) to clearly visible proportions (its a machine in the shape of a circle with a 170 Mt. Diameter) In fact the ‘Dance machine’ is a very simple mechanic computer, real-time programmable like a 1920 s’ technique. The movements of the machine and the operator bring back the movement witch belongs to performing music.


the Cotyl

Material: steel - wood - canvas

Height: 25 m.

The Cotyl is designed by Freddy Abel and executed along with seven other artists. It concerns here a kinetic object that moves by wind force. The spherical capsule can accommodate up to 8 people, and together with the wind catching plume is gimballed between the legs. This ables the sphere to move in all directions by the wind.


The Mandala Machine was a lucky coincidence. Initially designed to make large land-art-like spirals in the sand or in the snow.
But when the machine untied itself from its rope it unexpectedly began to make Mandala-like drawings.

mandala machine

De Frietcowboys

Two cowboy-like chefs run a snack bar and make chips in a very special way...

The procedure is like this:
a potato shooter on air pressure is being used to fire a potato from a distance through a special grid. This will make the potato cut into chips, which thereafter directly fall in the hot oil… The audience does the shooting!

You won't find fresher chips anywhere than by the 'Frietcowboys'

the Frietcowboys:
Bart Sabel & Fred Abels

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