Café the Glowing Pickle

In recent years, Electric Circus has focused on automatic miniature performances. 'on the spot generated animations' without screen or projections (!): all characters and scenes are physically present and all sounds are generated acoustically by machines. This technique is quite unique in street theater, 'Headspace' was the first result. In 2021, Electric Circus started developing a 2nd installation, after some distraction and delay, construction has resumed. 'Café the Glowing Pickle' will be on display from July 2024.

'Café the Glowing Pickle'
..Is a miniature cafe the size of a small kitchen table. The customers in the cafe are all little live-like robots. The public is invited to sit very close by, for them it feels like they are among te drinking crowd.
At first it is not the most exiting bar, everybody seems bored, but then the door opens with a squeaking sound.. a stranger comes in and that changes everything…

The sound of that squeaking door was the inspiration for this story. An extensive investigation has been carried out (and is still going) to the acoustic and mechanical generation of a squeaking door and other particular bar-sounds. In the little story of 4 minutes eventually the chaotic bar noises transform in a real ritmic piece.

The base of the performance is quit ready, tryouts did already take place. The Electric Circus van was used as a theater for these tryouts. Electric Circus is currently designing the set/theatre in which this automatic performance will take place. The spectators will not enter this theater with their whole body, but only with their heads; through windows in the walls..

The 5-minute performance can be experienced in groups of about 8 visitors.

Its music without speakers and animation without screen.